Why Creative Testing Should Be Your Priority In Facebook Ads

By Bradley Riley
Paid Social
December 22, 2022

Sometimes, when you’re managing ads on behalf of a client, you’ll run into questions that come from a time pre-iOS and all the changes that have caused the landscape to shift since.

When these conversations arise, it can be hard to explain effectively the reasons behind changing the strategy to a largely creative focused process. 

Creative with Facebook ads has always been really important, however, post-iOS14 the power of audiences has decreased. 

What you’ll want to do instead is generate different angles and formats for your different creatives.

The creatives being different will mean that they appeal to the different people within the audience that you’re targeting; your creative will help you optimise towards the right people.

There’s a saying that’s in the media buying space that “creative is the biggest lever”. This essentially means that you should focus on creative as that will make the biggest difference in the account and not worry too much about making too many changes and pushing buttons for the sake of it.

Instead, focus your efforts on finding a winning message, trying that message across different formats and experiment with different hooks on your winning creatives/messaging.

Creative testing will make more of a difference than testing different audiences, especially in accounts where expanded delivery is on.

Hope this helps

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