Messaging in the Different Parts of the Funnel

By Bradley Riley
Paid Social
January 3, 2023

When it comes to  Facebook ads, we like to set everything up in a way that enables us to have as much as control as possible on the messaging that we are sending out to different audiences in the funnel.

This is such a huge benefit because the messaging and approach is typically so different for each level of the funnel.

For example, in the messaging for the top of funnel, you’ll want to be introducing products with features and benefits. 

On the other hand, in the bottom of funnel, you’d want to be overcoming objections and establishing trust. 

Finally, people who have already purchased will respect different messaging to the other 2 audiences mentioned previously. 

You can use messaging like post-purchase and loyalty discounts to get customers to buy again, which will result in increased customer lifetime value.

This is one of the more advanced aspects of Facebook ads that people typically forget. Often people get stuck twisting dials and pressing buttons; looking for algorithm hacks when sometimes what’s necessary is to zoom out and focus on the people you’re targeting and what you’re showing them in terms of messaging.

Hope this helps!

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