Which Attribution Windows to Use in the TOF and BOF

By Bradley Riley
May 26, 2022

To sound like a broken record…

Post-iOS14 tracking and attribution are just not what they used to be on the Facebook ads platform.

There’s been some discussion in the media buying world lately about attribution windows and their role in accounts.

Now, a lot of us are using 7-day click, 1-day view just to enable maximum attribution. However, there are more and more media buyers removing the 1-day view element from their bottom of funnel.

This may strike you as an odd decision, given that data-loss already restricts every account to some extent. 

However, there is method to the madness…

When you remove the 1-day view-through attribution, in certain cases, it can stop the retargeting from taking view-through conversions that could have been attributed to the Top of Funnel campaigns.

This is invaluable in accounts when you want to collect as much data in your Top of Funnel testing campaign(s).

This means that you get better insight into the ads and ad sets that generated the conversion. 

However, the caveat to this is that you have to remember that Facebook does model data in certain instances and we’re not entirely sure how accurate those modeled conversions are in platform (though we can still see the data through UTMs). 

The question becomes oriented around Facebook’s machine learning and whether the algorithm learns correctly from the modeled conversions.

As with anything, test and see the results. If your TOF return increases after the switch, it’s likely a sign it’s helped. 

Hope this tip helps!

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