Understanding Your Customer Avatar and What They Want to See

By Bradley Riley
April 14, 2022

What does your ideal customer look like?

A variation of this question has been on our onboarding form since it was created.

Knowing the answer to this is so key.

And I don’t mean a superficial brief.

Who are they really?

What are they reading? What are they watching? What are they angry at? What are their problems? What are their desires?

What content are they engaging with and enjoying?

One of the best tips I can recommend if you are looking for engaging content to create (or advise your client to create), is to type in some of the main keywords related to the business into TikTok. 

As a platform that’s all about engagement and trends, you can effectively see the kind of content that people in the space are looking at, watching and interacting with.

Ads that don’t look like ads are winning right now and knowing the themes and styles of content that are performing well without trying to sell anything, will help you determine what kind of creatives you can focus on generating.

It can be difficult in the digital marketing world, where you can get so lost in the data and account structure, to remember that you are advertising to real people. 

Realistically, an account with one campaign and some great creative aimed at the ideal customer will likely outperform an account with a perfect account structure and poor creatives.

In order to create engaging and effective content for your audience, you need to know who they are and what is getting their attention.

This will also help with your copy too.

You know the famous PAS method?


If you don’t know your ideal customer's pain, how can you possibly solve it?

Most marketers aren’t putting enough brain power behind this aspect.

They aren’t focusing enough on great creative/copy and developing rich customer avatars.

Let that be your initial focus upon a new campaign setup instead of jumping straight into pressing buttons.

Understanding your ideal customer on a deep level and building great advertising angles around that, will move the needle far greater.

A good ad can change a business. A great ad can change the world. 

That’s something that account structure can’t do by itself.

Hope this helps!

P.S - Don’t hesitate to really push your clients for this information during your onboarding process. Some extra time from them narrowing their ideal customer to you can be the difference between a good or exceptional performing ad account.

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