The Omnichannel Approach To Digital Marketing

By Bradley Riley
May 27, 2022

Marketing has always been a changing landscape. Luke Sullivan wrote that even as his career progressed into his later years, he had to stay up to date with the latest changes and technologies constantly.

However, it feels like, over the past 18 months, it’s been changing faster and more than ever, or at least since the very onset of digital marketing.

The changes on platforms like FB has caused us all to look at advertising differently over the course of the last few years.

The approach has caused us to work on developing more advertising platforms and pursuing an omnichannel approach where we advertise on multiple platforms to stay top of mind.

As soon as we see the opportunity for development beyond a channel, or sometimes we’re in a position where we want to push more focus on a new channel already, we want to take it.

The omnichannel approach helps each platform compliment the others. It all works together.

Not only does this help us get better results for our clients but it enables us to shift budget between platforms fluidly when we see the opportunity to maximise return on another platform that we manage.

Beyond these points, there’s also the fact that it just makes sense to take an approach where we can manage different platforms so that we can make sure the branding is aligned, that the strategies all work in synergy and that the messaging of wider campaigns all fit in together.

Managing just one platform is definitely a thing of the past and branching into other platforms is a great way to help businesses grow.

Not only will this help when reporting with a blended ROAS, but it’ll also ensure your clients don’t move to another agency where they can get the full marketing package from one-source. 

What’s the takeaway for agency owners? If you want to grow your revenue, improve your client results, and increase client retention, start offering a full-service packages including paid search (Google/YouTube Ads) and paid social (FB, TikTok, Snapchat) to the mix.

Obviously, if you work with us at YourMarketingPartners, we’ve got you covered on all the above. Just look to start pitching it more to your existing clients and future prospects.

Want to learn more about all the services we offer for our agency partners? Book a call here.

Hope this helps!

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