Setting the Correct Expectations With Clients

By Bradley Riley
October 26, 2022

When it comes to advertising, everybody is looking for the best return possible. 

However, many people will make rogue promises that aren’t backed up by any data. 

It’s important not only to avoid this, but also to base your advertising in the data that you have available. 

Not all of this data will be in an ad account.

For example, if a client wants a 5X ROAS but has a website conversion rate of 0.10% due to a poor website experience, then you aren’t likely to see those numbers. 

It’s important to consider these factors when you are working towards the goals set by yourself and the client. This is also a great time to set correct expectations so that these goals are realistic and you can improve retention and build rapport by being honest.

Here are some of the concepts to include in your expectation setting process: 

  • Is the conversion rate low?
  • What is the historical Cost Per Outbound Click?
  • Are CPMs higher than average?
  • What is the AOV?
  • What is the Customer LTV?
  • What are the COGS?

Your retention will be significantly improved by agreeing on goals that you can hit rather than overpromising and under-delivering.

Hope this helps!

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