Setting Facebook Ad Account Rules

By Bradley Riley
October 26, 2022

In the world of Facebook Ads, optimisation can be time-consuming, especially when you are trying to focus on other things like copy and creative feedback loops.

It can be useful, in certain scenarios to have Rules set in your account, for reasons similar to scheduling. You can’t be in an account every hour of every day. In these situations, you will find it beneficial to have rules that can help you optimise.

As a caveat, I wouldn’t advocate using Rules as a substitute for going into an account and monitoring performance yourself but the two can be used in tandem.

Setting rules in the Facebook Ads platform is a simple process. I would recommend starting by selecting the Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads that you would like the Rule to afflict. 

From there, along the Facebook Ads Toolbar, to the left of Columns, you can find the Rules button.

At this point you can either Manage current rules or create a new one.

Upon clicking ‘Create a New Rule’ and selecting Custom Rule, you can make the conditions that trigger the rule to activate.

Pro Tip: Clearly identify your rules by giving the specific, detailed names.

You can then set up all the conditions to make the rule trigger. If you want more than one condition then just add it after your first condition and the Rule should tell you when it will trigger (it should be when all conditions are filled) in a single rule.

Another Pro Tip: Using ABO enables you to have more options for Rules that you want to create

Hope this helps!

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