On-Facebook Leads Vs. Website Leads

By Bradley Riley
November 7, 2022

Lead generation is one of the most popular and one of the most highly-requested services for people who use Facebook ads.

It’s an extremely useful avenue for a business that want to get more leads for a profitable cost overall.

This can be great for businesses in an array of niches; info products, coaching and service-based businesses, or even dental practices etc.

When it comes to lead generation, people often discuss funnel and approach with regard to angles etc. However, Facebook itself has 2 options that you can look to utilise.

The first is just a classic conversions campaign, optimized for the Lead event. From the ad you will want to take the potential lead to an optimised landing page and get them to submit their data from there.

The second option is to use Facebook’s on-platform lead generation campaign. This is where, on top of designing an ad, you also develop a lead form that users fill out in an experience that stays on Facebook and doesn’t push people to a site before they have become a lead.

Pro Tip: You need a privacy policy URL in order to run ads for On-Facebook leads.

There are pros and cons to both options but it typically boils down to volume vs quality, as well as taking pixel data into account.

With On-Facebook Leads, you will typically get more leads for a lower cost but the intent may be lower.

Ultimately, the best option needs to be tested as it will be different for different businesses.

Both have the advantage of you being able to design forms that enable you to get great information from a lead. I would argue that you can probably have more detailed questions in a form that you have on a separate landing page.

However, one of the most limiting factors of conversion leads, as opposed to On-Facebook leads, is that when you don’t have a lot of pixel data, you can expect more variation in results and the associated cost per result.

On the other hand, a limiting factor of the On-Facebook leads approach is that you will need to move the leads from Facebook’s Lead Center to the necessary CRM. This may need to be manual, via an integration with the CRM, or similarly using a tool like Zapier to connect different softwares/platforms.

Truthfully, both are worth considering and testing as they have pros and cons that will impact businesses differently.

Test, analyse and decide which is best for you!

Hope this helps!

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