Meta's Performance 5

By Bradley Riley
Paid Social
February 1, 2023

Meta Performance 5

Meta’s algorithm performs best with Performance 5 in effect.

Performance 5 just refers to the 5 best practices that help the algorithm deliver optimally.

Broad Targeting

Facebook recommends completely Broad with the only restrictions being the gender and age parameters, if you are going to narrow.

In some cases, you may feel like it’s better to guide the algorithm with a detailed interest. If you do this, ensure that you enable Advantage+ Targeting Expansion so that the algorithm can operate outside of the set parameters if it sees opportunities outside of the set audience.

Simplified Ad Sets

Use fewer campaigns, ad sets and ads.

We already use a simplified setup but just bear in mind that you don’t want too many ads under an ad set (maximum of 6 outside of Advantage+ Campaigns).

If you aren’t specifically testing something and you’re using more than one ad set, use Advantage+ Budget Optimization (CBO).

Mobile-friendly Ads

  • 15-seconds
  • Vertical
  • Mix of image and video

You can try a whole array of interesting ads like behind-the-scenes content, testimonials, UGC, How-To videos or tapping into trends.


Always good to approach testing with a hypothesis in mind. What are you testing? Why? What outcomes are there and what can you do with each one?

Running tests for at least 2 weeks (avoid too much delayed reporting and attribution, as well as allowing ample delivery).

Can use the A/B testing tool:

Test one variable at a time.

CAPI Integration

Install the Conversions API (either manually or through an integration) in order to get more precise data on which of your ads are generating the most results!

The CAPI enables you to leverage server-side tracking, meaning you can see a reduction in CPA due to more accurate reporting. The caveat to this is that there are delays so you will still want to stick with meaningful timeframes in your testing.

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