Intention & Interruption Advertising - Google and Meta

By Bradley Riley
July 11, 2022

Knowing the difference between FB and Google ads can help you decide which is right for the business.

Have a read below and see what the best direction is for any given situation, if you aren’t planning on using both.

Facebook or Meta, much like TV ads, is what is called interruption advertising. 

On TV or FB, you are interrupting someone while they are scrolling or watching TV; trying to stand out and get their attention. Put simply, you are interrupting them with an ad that you hope that they will like. 

Facebook can be a great way to get a lot of new people who may be interested in your product if they saw it.

On Facebook, you pay for something called an impression. The definition of impression, in this case, is the number of times that your adverts were on-screen

Google, on the other hand, is PPC. This means that you pay-per-click (PPC) rather than per impression. This is because Google is intent-based. These people will typically be found slightly lower down the funnel than Meta’s TOF, unless the search term is very broad and research-based.

When someone Googles “white dress” they are actively looking for that product, for research or to buy. 

This allows us to capture existing demand on behalf of a business. For example, if we were advertising for the keyword “luxury dog beds”, then we would only show up to people searching for that term. 

The interest in the product is already there, we are just trying to show up at the top of the page where people will click on an ad.

Don’t worry, we’ll go more into keywords later. 

Only paying per click is really effective and efficient in generating traffic/users to a website because you only pay for the clicks rather than the number of times your adverts were on-screen.

With Google, you can work really hard to make your site as keyworded and relevant as possible to what people are searching but even if you are the first organic result; you will be underneath 4 ads and therefore, not top of the page.

Think about the pros and cons for each platform and which is right for you.

Hope this helps!

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