Improving Your Impression Share on Google Ads

By Bradley Riley
July 25, 2022

With any kind of advertising, you need to ensure that you are showing up in front of the right people. On Google, your Impression Share (or your IS) is a measure of the efficiency of your ads and their ability to show up when and where you want them to.

Impression Share is a simple formula of how many impressions you achieved, divided by impressions that you were eligible for.

Impression Share = Impressions / Total Eligible Impressions

However, sometimes you will run an ad and the impression share is really low. You will likely want to remedy this and there are a few steps that you can take to do so.

Increase Budget

With a smaller budget, your ads may not be shown as many times as if they had more budget. In effect, your ad will run out of spend where the same ads with a higher budget would not.

Target a Smaller Location

If you are targeting larger populations, you will be eligible for a lot more impressions but your impression share may suffer as a result of this because you won’t necessarily get more impressions proportionally.

Targeting a smaller location may result in fewer impressions but a higher impression share. 

Improve Your Quality Score

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Learning how to improve your Quality Score will help you win auctions at a lower cost so it’s definitely worth devoting time to this.

Increase Your Max Bids

You can either use an automated bid strategy or manually increase your Max Bids so that you increase your impression share.

Use all of these tips in your pursuit of improving your impression share.

Hope this helps!

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