How To Verify Domain On Wordpress

By Bradley Riley
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December 19, 2022

Post-iOS14, with a bigger reliance on the need for server-side data to be passed back to Facebook, it’s more important than ever.

However, with an ever-growing selection of platforms and integrations, it can be hard to find the right guide for the one you’re using.

That’s why we’ve created a guide to help. The best part? It’s step by step so you can follow along easily!

Just follow the process below and your domain should be verified in no time!

If you have Facebook Business Admin access, go to Business Settings > Brand Safety > Domain > Add Domain.

Add your domain in this format (eLTD+1):

For example if you were verifying the domain of Random Pet Shop, you would type in

Submit the Add Domain button.

There will be a drop down menu to choose your method of verification. 

Select Meta-tag verification.

Watch this video and follow the steps.

Go to your Wordpress website.

Download the Pixel Your Site plugin.

Go to the Pixel Your Site plugin.

Click the Head & Footer subheading.

Paste the verification meta-tag in the header input box labelled Any Device Type.


Go to the Facebook tab again.


Click Verify Domain.

It can take some time to detect but you should see a success message.

From there you can assign or add assets as you see fit.

Hope this helps!

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