How To Set 30+ SMMA Appointments Per Month!

By Bradley Riley
June 28, 2020

Now, the first step I have for you today is very, very simple, but it just comes to reverse engineering your goals. So let’s say you want to land 30 SMMA meetings a month. So give or take, that’s about one meeting per day that you know you need to set now, rather than just thinking, okay, I want to set one a day, let’s go out and just do outreach. I’ll do 10 today, 20 tomorrow, 15 the day after. That’s not really going to work.

You need to know your numbers and then work backwards. So if you know you need to set one meeting per day and you know that for every three responses that you get from an outreach message, you probably set one meeting. So now all of a sudden you know, well, I need to get three responses a day to set up one meeting a day.

Then you may say, well, how much outreach do I need to actually do to get those three responses? And you may know on average you get about a 10% response rate. So you know you need to do 30 outreach per day to get the three responses needed to on average set one meeting per day.

All of a sudden you’ve reversed engineered it to not say, okay, I need to just set one a day, I’m going to go crazy. And it’s going to be more sporadic and different on a day to day basis. You know, consistently you need to stick to hitting 30 outreach per day. So again, if you’re consistent and you stick to it, you know, just by the law of the data that you’ve been working on previously, just by keeping track of those numbers, you know, on average if you do 30 outreach a day, you’re going to be able to set up one meeting.

So again, that’s extremely, extremely important. So what I recommend you do is know your numbers are, and mix and match that with your favorite outreach methods. If you know 30 outreach, Upwork leads to three responses in one meeting. When a boom, there you go. There you have it, there’s your plan. Hit 30 average per day on Upwork.

Obviously if you want more than this. Go for it. Hit 60 day, 50 a day, do some cold calling, whatever you want on top. That’s obviously going to be additional, but at a bare minimum you need to hit 30 a day. Cause if you don’t, you’re not going to hit it. So again, that was just my first tip for you. Reverse engineer the numbers. You don’t just want to know, okay, I want to set X amount of meetings today.

You need to reverse engineer that to know how much outreach per day you need to commit to in order to make that happen. Now my second tip I have for you today when it comes to setting more meetings is very simple. It’s just asked for the meeting within the first one to two messages that you’re having with your, with your prospect. I see it happen so often that people drag out the sales cycle, they drag out the sales process and they won’t push for a meeting until the fifth or six interactions. Why?

You know, if you’ve got a response, let’s say you do some art or you do an outreach message on Upwork, somebody responds to you. Don’t wait until message number six to ask for a meeting in that first message at the latest. In the second message. Push for that meeting. Okay, great.

Are you free to hop on a call tomorrow? Ask for it. Because the sooner that you get them to commit to that meeting, you get them to show up to the meeting, the more likely you are to actually close the deal and obviously the more likely the meeting is to actually happen. If you wait six days, trust me, I know this. Business owners get busy, they get distracted. Somebody, someone else might have approached them and asked them for me and quicker than you have. So be fast. Ask for a meeting within the first one to two messages that you have with your prospects.

Now the next tip I have for you, again, is a very simple one, but it’s so powerful. You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospect. Do hop on a call and have a meeting. The worst thing you want to make it seem like is that you’re going to get on that call and sell them.

They trust me. Prospects would not have any interest in hopping on a call with you if they think they’re just going to get hard sold. They do not want that, so make it easy for them and the best way to do it, I’m just going to show, give you two examples. Number one, okay, are you free tomorrow so we can hop on a call and I can give you some more information on our services and then we can move forward and work together or something like, are you free tomorrow so I can share some ideas with you. I’d love to give you some more information. Again, this one here, I’d love to share some ideas with you. That’s not salesy. I want to share some ideas. Let’s see if we’re a good fit that that’s a lot, a lot easier for them to be like, okay, you know what?

This guy ain’t going to sell me. I’m going to hop on a call. This is, you know, I’m going to get something from this because he wants to share some ideas. I’m going to learn something. You have to put yourself in your and your clients or prospects position. You know, if you get a cold call and you know you’re going to get sold, you’re not going to pick up the phone. You’re going to decline it before you even answer.

Or if you think someone’s coming to the table to provide you some free value, then of course you’re going to answer the phone and it works the exact same way with your prospects as well. So from a very simple point of view, just keep it easy. Don’t make it seem that they’re going to get hard sold. Make it as easy as possible for them to just accept the call.

Now, the final tip I have for you today when it comes to setting more appointments, very easy itself. When I push all of the time on this channel, it’s my big ethos behind social media marketing. Okay? It’s what I believe in more than anything, and that is you want to focus on higher intent leads. If you want more appointments, focus on higher intent leads. And what I mean by this is if you do a cold call, you don’t know if you’re going to speak to the business owner or decision maker, you’re probably going to get to a gatekeeper.

Then off the back of that as well. You have no idea if they have any interest to do social marketing, they may not be able to afford it. There’s a million reasons. They’re not high intent, focus on leads that are high intent. They’re ready to take action today.

They’re interested. This is going to mean more meetings set. So this can be freelance websites like Upwork, this can be recruitment websites. These are places where people are actively looking for help with social media, meaning because they have that high intent to work with someone. Obviously the chances that you get a yes when you propose a meeting, it skyrockets compared to something such as a cold call or a complete and outright cold email.

So I highly recommend if you do want more meetings set, you want to close and have you know, a meeting a day, then focus on those higher intent leads is gonna make a huge, huge difference because all of a sudden rather than having to do 300 outreach a day to set that one meeting or you know, a hundred hours a day to set that one meeting, you perhaps only have to do 30 a day, 20 a day, 15 in a day.

So again, it’s just why make it harder for yourself when you can keep it simple. Just focus on that higher intent.

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