Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

By Bradley Riley
Paid Social
January 12, 2023

Meta has recently rolled out its breakthrough campaign, the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign and we’re seeing it perform really well across multiple accounts.

So what is the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign and how does it differ from other campaigns?

With the goal of trying to streamline ad accounts and keeping data consolidated, Facebook has released Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns that seem to combine the Campaign and Ad Set level, allowing for more focus on the creative/ad level.

This streamlines the process of ad creation in a way that is a substantial improvement on all previous product releases from the Facebook Ad platform.

Additionally, the consolidation of the ad sets and campaigns helps in two key ways:

  1. It enables businesses and advertiser to focus efforts on their creatives which, as we always say in media buying, is the biggest lever you can pull. Great creatives trump anything else.
  2. It enables you to focus on results at a campaign level. When gauging results, it’s more important (for client retention) to be achieving good results on a campaign level.

This means that you’ll be even more focused on the right elements of running ads.

Hope this helps!

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