Add Extensions To Your Google Ads

By Bradley Riley
Paid Social
November 23, 2022

In our blog posts, we’ve spoken a lot about how Google rewards relevance and advertiser efforts to increase the quality of an ad.

Therefore, as someone using Google ads, you will want to add practically everything possible to increase your ad’s quality score.

One element of Google Ads is the opportunity to ad extensions to your ads.

There are different kinds of extensions that you should add into your ads.

Callout extensions - These are a great addition to your ad that will enable you to show unique or popular offers such as free shipping or price-matching.

Sitelink extensions - These will help make your ad more visible, as well as providing more clickable links for navigation round your site.

Structured snippet extensions - These are really useful so that you can highlight an element and then follow it with different values. For example, if your business has different locations you could add Locations, followed by the values of those locations.

Price extensions - This one is fairly self-explanatory. It allows you to add different pricing information onto ads such as “From $100” 

Image extensions - Here, you can add images that will show up alongside your ad in context.

Promotion extensions - These are really useful, especially in Q4. Using these enables you to show promotions alongside your ad, such as % or $ values off for an event.

There are more- and the more that you can add in, the better you can make your ads! Put these into your Google account and watch your results improve!

Hope this helps!

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