5 Books All Entrepreneurs MUST Read!

By Bradley Riley
Self Improvement
June 28, 2020

So my first recommendation is The Way of the Wolf from Jordan Belfort, and this in my opinion, is probably one of the best sales and persuasion books that I’ve read. It’s actually really, really actionable.

And if you implement a lot of this stuff into your own business and into your own sales system, then you will for sure make a huge return on investment on the 15 pounds that I paid to get this book. Now this book dives in detail about his straight line persuasion techniques have helped him and the companies that he’s consulted generate hundreds of millions of dollars over the last several years. And this straight line persuasion system is something that I’ve actually got a lot of motivation from and implemented into my own sales system for my agency. So there’s definitely a thing or two that you can learn in this. So my first recommendation is go ahead and grab this book.

So the second book that I recommend you read going into the next year is Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now this is actually quite an old book, but this is an autobiography that is absolutely massive.

So this book’s got around 600 pages. And the funny thing is, before I started my business, when I was actually working a full time job, I used to read this on every single lunch break that I had and it took me months to finish. But it’s actually still to that to this day. One of my favorite books, and the reason being is because Arnold came to the USA to come to the USA as an immigrant and he managed to achieve absolute peak success in everything that he went into. Whether that business, whether that’s politics, whether that’s fitness, whatever it may be, he always excelled acting as well. So if you want to learn from somebody who’s come from nothing to achieve incredible amounts of success, this is probably the best person to learn from. And to be honest, when I was reading this, whilst I was working my full time job reading this and learning how much time and effort that he put into all of his businesses that he put into his physique that he put into his acting career and all of that stuff, it really motivated me to actually work harder when I was starting my company as well.

So I really gained a lot from this book. Now it is massive. Like I said, it’s 600 pages and the text is quite small, so it actually reads, you know, compared to some books, it reads a lot more than 600 pages. It is really quite an in depth book here, but you can definitely gain a lot from it. So if you’re interested in any kind of autobiography, this is my top recommendation for you going into next year.

So talking of books, but not many people know about. My third recommendation for you today is an absolute must read, absolute must read for any internet marketer and in particular anybody who has or sells any kind of information products or sales info products for your clients, for their clients, right? And that is one to many. The secrets to webinar success by Jason Fladlien. And this, to be honest, is one of the books that has the most actionable steps that you can implement because you read a lot of books, right?

And a lot of them are very mindset related. A lot you can learn things, but they’re more so golden nuggets that are more fluff related, if that makes sense. They’re more mindset related than action step based. Whereas this book here helped me implement and learn so much about building webinars, building marketing funnels, and this book generated me and has generated me thousands and thousands of dollars in profit for my business.

And I’ve also learned a bunch in here as well. That enables me to get better results for my clients to also have info product businesses. So this may not be relevant to a lot of you if you’re not in that niche, but still, if you want to learn about marketing, even if it’s just for your clients, then I definitely recommend that you give this a read. It is a must have. And to be honest, probably the book that’s generated the most income for me over the last few years.

Now, my fourth book recommendation is quite possibly one of my favorite books of all time. And I think I spoke about this in last year’s addition to these, uh, these book recommendations, but that is Laura Vanderkam, 168 hours. And I speak about this all the time. I’ve touched on it on my Instagram stories.

This really is the one book you need when it comes to all things, time management related and productivity because to be honest with you, at the time I read this, again, I didn’t have my business. I was still working my full time job. I was still doing a university degree and at the time I thought I was working really hard in my business. I thought I was putting a bunch of hours in and I was being really productive, but it wasn’t until I read this book and I started to implement some of the time tracking techniques, some of the time management techniques, I realized although I was working in my business, I was wasting a tremendous amount of hours every single week on pointless tasks that were not driving me forward and honestly, if it wasn’t for reading this book, I don’t know if I would have made those changes and adapted quickly enough to actually have the early success that I had in my business.

I think reading this gave me a complete mindset shift that enabled to me to actually get started with my business quicker and get everything off the ground by just focusing on the right things and putting my time, using my 168 hours that I had in every single week on things that were actually going to generate revenue for my business and allow me to quit my job. So I definitely recommend you give this a read. It’s only a short book you’re talking about 200 pages, give or take. So I definitely recommend you add this to your Amazon wishlist and get this downloaded ASAP cause this is a game changer.

And the fifth and final book that I want to recommend to you today is a book that I actually read last year in the Philippines. And again, it was a complete game changer. It was one of those books that I read cover to cover, made a bunch of notes and honestly just wanted to go back through it all over again.

And actually a matter of fact, I think I did go back through it two or three more times through my notes in that one holiday and that is a book called the Chimp paradox by professor Steve Peters, the science of mind management for success in business and life and what this book does a really good job of is making really complicated techniques and breaking them down and making them easy to understand and simple.

Now I’m a sucker for simplicity. If you make things too complicated for me to understand, I’m probably not going to spend the time and effort to do it. I’m a busy person like this book makes psychology mind management an overall difficult topic to learn, really easy to understand and what this book is going to allow you to do is manage your mindset because there’s so many times in business and in life that you’re going to have fear.

There’s so many times that your mind is going to play tricks on you, tell you you’re not good enough so you can’t do this. You’re going to have objections to reasons why you shouldn’t do anything. Your mind is going to ultimately put fear into youth to do certain tasks and maybe it’s starting your business. Maybe it’s having a sales call, you know, maybe sometimes you get really agitated and angry and that’s all a mindset thing, right? You can shift that mindset and that’s what this book teaches you to do. It enables you to learn how to, he calls it your Chimp in your brain. It allows you to manage your Chimp when you get angry, when you get scared, when you get fearful, manage that, control it and then understand the appropriate action steps you need to get out of that mindset and focus on the task at hand, which may be you know, your business.

Maybe like I said, it will be a sales call, getting in front of the camera and filming a video and ultimately driving revenue forward in your business. So again, this is a really, really smart, smart book that has a lot of actionable techniques to overall improve the quality of your life and Excel you further in your business as well. So I really recommend the fifth and final recommendation going into 2020 is the Chimp paradox. Watch the full video below.

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