3 HUGE Mistakes Beginner SMMA Owners Make…

By Bradley Riley
June 28, 2020

So the first thing that most entrepreneurs do when they struggle to scale their business is spend time on low value tasks. Now a low value task could be something such as admin work, it could be emails, it could be responding to comments on a post.

These are all things that although they’re great and a lot of the time you need to do them in your business they’re low value, they don’t generate business, they don’t generate revenue for your company, they don’t earn you any money, they don’t innovate, they don’t scale, they’re things that provide low value to your business.

Now, if you really wanna scale your company and you wanna earn more money, earn more revenue, you need to focus on high value tasks. That is seen such as marketing, that is sales, that is PR. These are things that are gonna innovate your company to the next level, and allow you to bring in more customers.

Replying to an email, most of the time isn’t gonna generate you any more business. Hopping on a sales call, putting videos out on social media to build awareness for your brand, those are things that are gonna earn you more money, okay?

So the first thing I see that entrepreneurs do that struggle to scale is spend the time focusing on low value tasks.

Now taking us on to number two, this one is very closely related to this one, and that’s self-employed versus being a business owner. So people who struggle to scale are self-employed instead of a business owner.

Now, what do I mean by this? Because a lot of people think being self-employed and being a business owner is the same thing. But the truth is, they’re actually completely different.

Now self-employed is somebody who is essentially employed by themselves. Yes, on paper, you run a business, but you’re just a glorified employee. Because maybe you run Facebook ads for your client, maybe you run a social media agency, but you’re the one making all of the social media posts, you’re the one writing all the copy, creating the ads, setting up the custom audiences, you’re an employee for yourself.

Instead you want to do if you wanna hit six figures in your company is you need to be a business owner. You need to employ a team, you need to employ staff and build systems. ‘Cause if you wanna scale your company to the next level, you cannot be doing all the fulfillment work yourself, you will soon realize you’re gonna hit a ceiling and you’re gonna be working 40, 50 hours a week, and there is no possible way that you’re gonna be able to take on more clients.

Now a business owner is gonna have the complete other, he’s gonna have a complete different situation, ’cause as mentioned about the low value tasks, if you’re spending 80, 90% of your time on marketing, sales, PR, you’re going to be scaling your company, and that’s gonna be your position as the business owner.

So that’s the second mistake I see people make is that they are too focused on being self-employed, instead of actually building a business. And if you wanna hit six figures, I recommend that actually you automate and build a team from day one.

Now, the third and final reason that most entrepreneurs fail, and they’re gonna struggle to hit six figures is a real obvious one, this is something I say, in so many of my videos, but it’s just because it’s the truth. Now simply you’re not doing enough outreach.

I get people message me all the time saying, Brad, you know what? I’ve tried LinkedIn, it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried Upwork, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried recruitment sites, it doesn’t work. And my response is always the same thing. Okay, that’s fine, how much outreach have you done? They might say, oh, I’ve done two a day, three a day. I’ve done 10 this week, or I did 30 outreach total over the last month, it’s just not gonna cut it.

The more outreach you do, the more meetings you set, the more deals you close. So you realistically want to be hitting at least I don’t care if you work a full time job by the way, full time college student, you need to be hitting 10 to 20 businesses minimum per day. Especially if you focus on these warmer outreach methods you should be able to get multiple responses a day off the back of that, multiple meetings and therefore close more deals.

The way you’re gonna hit six figures is to drive your revenue up, the way you drive your revenue up is by hitting more outreach. And taking us back on to the last two points here, if you want to and if you have the money to invest, get a VA from day one, two, three bucks an hour from the Philippines or somewhere like that, and get them to handle your outreach.

Train them, teach them how to do outreach on LinkedIn, on Upwork, on people per hour, on recruitment sites, Groupon. I have all these videos on my YouTube channel by the way, which you can check out. Train them, send them my video say, look, I want you to do this, I want you to replicate this, and get them to do the outreach because this is single handedly the most important thing.

You can be a business owner, you can work on marketing your business, but if you’re not doing any outreach, you’re not actually physically reaching out to businesses, you’re not gonna have any sales to do all right?

So this is the third and probably the most important piece of the puzzle here. I see most people who are failing in their business it purely comes down to the fact you’re not doing enough outreach.

Watch the full video below.

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