Black Lives Matter ($1M+ Ad Spend in 30 Days)

Black Lives Matter


Million Impressions


Ad Spend in 30 Days


Daily Ad Spend

Our Results for this client:

The Client & The Goal

The campaign was backed by members of George Floyd's family, athletes, celebrities, and of course, YMP's marketing superpowers.

The goal:

  • Build awareness for the BLM movement.
  • Spend $1,000,000 in 30 days as optimally as possible ($33k per day in ad spend).
  • Work in brand new ad accounts & dealing directly with Facebook and Google reps to ensure timely spend limit increases.
  • Help build national and global awareness for the cause.

The Result

Over half a billion impressions in the USA in 30 days (almost twice the population of the USA).

Global awareness and millions of donations were generated for an incredibly important cause.

The compounded virality of social media posts and videos with the power of boosted engagement and celebrity/influencer support.

Over 26 million people took part in the BLM street protests in June 2020.

It was a very busy and crazy few weeks in the office during this period at YMP. All of our hard work was made worthwhile for the amazing outcome we had a part in helping to achieve.

Let’s just say going from 0 to 7 figures in ad spend in a single month comes with its challenges, but our expert paid ads team pulled through and made it happen. We exceeded expectations with the team over at BLM.

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