$250k/m to $500k/m in 60 Days [Ecom Golf Client]

Ecommerce Golf Brand [NDA] 🔒


Sales Increase in 60 Days


From $250k/m


Products Sold

Our Results for this client:

The Goals & The Result

This leading golf brand came to us wanting to increase ROAS whilst keeping ad spend the same. We did just that.

We took the brand from doing $250k/m (3-mil run rate) to $500k/m (6-mil run rate) in only 60 days.

We kept ad spend the same. It's safe to say we "drove the green" with this result ⛳

The Approach

⚫ Creative first approach. We led with amazing creatives that stopped the scroll.
⚫ Message alignment and funnel structures. We aligned our messaging to the approach stage of the customer journey.
⚫ Improved our CPAs by having stricter kill points.
⚫ Improved copywriting and hooks. It's safe to say pain-solution works very well in golf (hint: there are a lot of bad golfers who want to improve, talking from experience...) 
⚫ Worked with Hyros to assist with accurate attribution.

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